• Safe and Healthy Food Delivery

Safe and Healthy Food Delivery


As a small business we are doing our best to adapt to the ongoing changes in our community,  but we need your support more than ever. 

Our number one priority is to be able to continue to sustain our team and to help keep our supply chain alive. We strongly believe that fighting to keep our small and medium sized businesses running is essential to ensuring the well-being of our community as a whole. 

We have created a list with our favorite goodies for you with delivery service in Punta de Mita. Although we are aware that COVID-19 has brought challenging times for everyone, the idea is that with key ingredients you will be able to enjoy the items you miss most at home with your family.

We are following strict CDC guidelines to secure your safety. 

If you are not in town but would like to find a way to show your support please look for our gift certificates and gift baskets that we will deliver locally as a random act of kindness. 

Apart for now, together always.

A Random Act of Kindness.

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Benitez Studio Photography

A special thank you to Benitez Studio Photography for donating the time and talent to create the photos for our online store.